What is the Importance of Genealogy?

One fast-growing hobby in the United States is tracing one lineage or genealogy. It’s intriguing and exciting and enables one to trace his or her ancestral roots. Genealogy, which is the art and science of tracing the ancestral roots of someone, enables people to gather information about ancestors, the way they lived, social status and occupation. It enables us to know and understand who we are.


What is the Importance of Genealogy?


People attempt to know their family histories for various reasons. They include solving puzzles to getting to know their family lineage. Read on to find out 5 reasons why genealogy is important.

Helps People to Trace Hereditary Medical Issues

Some medical conditions are passed down from one generation to another. When you know what’s in your line, you can plan activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. It’s the reason why some people study genealogy to determine what kind of health problems they may encounter in the future. Depending on the outcome, one can plan their lifestyle for the better. Moreover, you can use the results to provide a detailed family history for a medical professional to ensure the best preventive measures are carried out.

Determines If Family Stories and Claims Are True or Not


Many families have stories regarding ancestors, which go on for generations. They form part of family history, but in some instances, they may not hold solid ground. Other families may make several claims that need to be validated, for example, one may claim that his or her ancestors’ were part of an important historical event or were celebrities. A study of the family lineage may help determine if the claims are true or not.

Enables One to Find Biological Parents


If a child is adopted by a familial, he or she may use a genealogy study to find the child’s biological family. On the other hand, parents may trace their biological children using a genealogy study.

Helps People to Connect With Lost Relatives


Genealogy studies help people to trace relatives and extended families that one may not know existed. That means people can establish lost family ties and bring families together. Moreover, people that you may have known for years to be family friends may, in fact, be your long-lost relatives.

Gives Us the Chance to Have a Better Understanding of History


History involves every event from the past, not just, what we learn in schools and colleges. It means that whatever was responsible in shaping our families is important. Genealogy involves all dimensions of space and time and informs us about important historical events that shaped our ancestors, and now ourselves.




What is the Importance of Genealogy? Irrespective of the reasons that make people want to trace their genealogy, it always turns out to be an exciting and engaging job. Even if you disliked history at school, some detective work tracing back your history will leave you feeling excited and solving some puzzle.


It never leaves one without some answers, and one can encounter some surprises and shocks during this study. Studying our genealogy satisfies the basic curiosity among humans and gives us the chance to know our past, present and an idea of future occurrences.